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Cheer and Dance Team at the Buddy Walk
Cheer and Dance Team at the Buddy Walk

Owensboro, KY- This past weekend, some of the Brescia athletic programs including women's softball, women's soccer, and the cheer and dance team volunteered at the Buddy Walk.

The Buddy Walk is a national event intended to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. This past Saturday was the 20th annual Buddy Walk in Owensboro by GRADSA. It's open to the community so others can support the individuals with DS. It allows families to unite & realize how supported/ accepted they are by their community. It's free so anyone can attend and enjoy the day. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a chance to spread awareness. During the month of October, we celebrate people with Down Syndrome and make people aware of their abilities and accomplishments. It's not about celebrating disabilities, it's about celebrating abilities.

The women's softball and soccer team helped set up this event by putting out table and chairs, sorted tee-shirts, and helped with coolers and drinks.

Our new program, the cheer and dance team, helped with the many activities they had there that day including jump houses, obstacle courses, and the girls helped get kids on the dance floor and danced with them. The Co-Captain of the cheer team and Junior, Natalie Leibfreid said, "Getting out into the community with such an awesome group of girls was a great experience. With all going on in the world today, it's so great that our community can come together to have some fun and raise awareness to such a great cause."

The Captain of the cheer and dance team and sophomore, Micah Swift is also one of the coaches of the GRADSA dance team, Star Squad, which performed that day. Micah states, "I love coaching the GRADSA Star Squad because their happiness and love for dance is contagious. As their coach, I teach them dance but they teach me to smile a little bigger and love a lot harder. There is nothing "down" about Down Syndrome and the Star Squad continuously proves their abilities go well beyond the dance floor."

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